The Public Space Academy is promoted by City Space Architecture
in partnership with the Ove Arup Foundation

City Space Architecture is a non-profit organisation based in Bologna (Italy), with a mission to promote public space culture globally, through an interdisciplinary approach, involving art and architecture. Working on education, academic research and innovative, human-oriented design, City Space Architecture fosters a critical reflection on our own world, in a multidisciplinary field of action.

Ove Arup Foundation is an independent charity honouring the memory of philosopher and engineer Sir Ove Arup who believed in the benefit of collaborative and multi-disciplinary approaches in the design of the built environment. Ove Arup Foundation promotes the advancement and communication of knowledge about the built environment through holistic and multi-disciplinary approaches to its shaping.

The Public Space Academy performs as an advocacy programme aimed at including public space as a priority in urban agendas of local governments, while educating citizens and providing expertise in the discussion with public and private institutions and local stakeholders, especially in regard of laws and policies for design, implementation, and management.

Contents are designed to be rich and diverse, intended to frame contemporary urban complexity, with multiple levels of understandings and interpretations, and to link public space to a large number of topics and issues, spanning from economy, environment, tourism, mobility to art, participation, social inclusion and beyond.

The Public Space Academy is able to expand understanding on how public space is a crucial asset for sustainable development, both as a top-down/expert-led activity and as a bottom-up/citizen-led practice.

Left: prostoRož, Map of Wishes, a 150 sqm large carpet in front of Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana (2011).
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Right: prostoRož, Meeting Places Skopje (2014)

Public space is more and more involved in a technical and political process dealing with land use, environment, infrastructure networks, social issues and policy making, in response also to global trends such as massive urbanisation and privatisations. Multidisciplinary analytical skills, an open-minded expertise and a more informed approach are required to face a fast-changing urban world, focused on public life and urban well-being, and based on a strong partnership with local communities and active citizens, also including the private sector.

The Public Space Academy fosters intercultural dialogues, programs and initiatives led by youth, engaging promising urban and community leaders, with the goal to inspire and empower a new generation of urban thinkers and innovators who are willing to become agents of change in their own cities and communities.

It will be developed through the creation of a collaborative learning environment for the exchange of theoretical contents and the design of practical solutions, learning from the best and most influential scholars, professionals and urban innovators.

The global community of public space lovers of City Space Architecture coming together in Rome in 2015 on the occasion of the Biennaial of Public Space for the first workshop of MaPS. Mastering Public Space. Read more here.

Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team of young and experienced researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs, committed to spread awareness on the importance of public space culture. We advocate a paradigm shift towards a new way of thinking, prioritising publicness and human-oriented design in urban and regional contexts.

Forging a new social contract for education is a critical step towards reimagining our futures together.

UNESCO (2021)

Luisa Bravo
Founder and Director

Global scholar, cultural entrepreneur, passionate public space activist

Rozina Spinnoy
Associate Director

Design strategist, social entrepreneur, community builder

Simone Garagnani
Chief Technology Officer

Engineer, Research & Development manager, CGI enthusiast

Vija Viese
Communication Manager

Urban designer, practice-led researcher

Stephanie Cheung
Global outreach

Social innovator, research-into-action expert

Steering Committee

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Key message from our Founder and Director

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Our related projects

The Journal of Public Space: the first, interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, open access journal entirely dedicated to public space, promoted by City Space Architecture in partnership with UN-Habitat.

Mastering Public Space: a web-magazine focused on public space research, practice and policy making, to inspire city-wide public space strategies, developed by City Space Architecture in collaboration with GCDN – Global Cultural Districts Network.

Stand up for Public Space!: a global online campaign to spread awareness on the importance of public space in cities, launched at Habitat III, the United Nations conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, held in Quito in 2016.

Public Space Museum: a transdisciplinary, inclusive and plural place that experiments methodologies at the intersection of art, architecture and technology with the aim to investigate the complexity of public space culture, co-managed by City Space Architecture and Genius Saeculi.

Mapping Resilient Communities: a global survey aiming at shading light on the industrious and tireless work of public and private institutions, non-profit organisations and informal civic groups that promote ideas, projects and initiatives with a strong connotation of resilience, in its environmental, social and economic terms